The mountains  that divide the gulfs is called 'Le Tore'  with an ancient expression, usual in the area... Perhaps Stazio, talking about the green taurubulae in Sorrento and Capri, refers to these 'Tore'... Others think this name come from  the Greek 'Ta ore', the mountains (N, Douglas-La terra delle sirene)

Le Tore produces under control and certify of AIAB (Italian Association of Biological Agriculture).

Here a list of the principals products you can buy and also receive by mail:

Jam 212cc 2.60 €
Jam 580cc 4.15 €

Honey 212cc 2.60 €
Honey 500g 4.15 €

Tomato juice 500g 1.60 €
Tomato juice 1 Kg 2.60 €

Typical little tomato juice (Pomodorini) 500g 2 €
Typical little tomato juice (Pomodorini) 1Kg 3.60 €

olio extravergine D.O.P.Penisola Sorrentina
750 ml 10 €

Pasta Coop Pastai Gragnanesi 500 g 1.50 €

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