The mountains  that divide the gulfs is called 'Le Tore'  with an ancient expression, usual in the area... Perhaps Stazio, talking about the green taurubulae in Sorrento and Capri, refers to these 'Tore'... Others think this name come from  the Greek 'Ta ore', the mountains (N, Douglas-La terra delle sirene)

The green of a real farm hanging at 500 meters from a blue sky and two seas. The Sorrento and Positano sea. You can chose where going down by the shadowy lanes of Sorrento or by the sunny streets of the Amalfitan one. In any case you don't go wrong. Le Tore. Mysterious and old name that probably meant hills. Now it means comfortable cordiality. Attraction. Expertise. Good taste. Simplicity. Class. Nature. And a little of typical Neapolitan fun. Here aubergines smile too. 

It is not a farm dressed by hotel. And not a hotel dressed by farm. It is a real farm of '800, with 12 beds and a restaurant. It is surrounded by woods and trees of apples and olives and vineyards. The farmers produce by they own eggs, wine, oil, nuts, fruits of any kind, jam and honey, everything is controlled and certified by the Italian Association of Biological Agriculture (AIAB). 
Here agriculture becomes culture because it keeps technical and feast' tradition. An example is the rite of the pig at Carnival. Palm Sunday. The two fire-flies weeks. The Assunta's eve. The vintage. The apples' gathering. This is the calendar of the country. 

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